Frequently Asked Questions

What is – autonomous off-the-grid self-sustainable smart house. Solar powered, mobile, comfortable luxury dwelling unit.

How does differ from similar dwelling units? is the first ever fully self-sustainable mobile house. It doesn’t require an electric grid, propane, natural gas, firewood or any other fuel. It uses solar energy for heating, cooling and electricity. It works in both hot and cold climates. is:

  • Really Autonomous. All systems run on solar power, so say goodbye to energy bills.
  • Mobile. Can be placed anywhere, anytime.
  • Complete. Prefabricated and assembled, no construction permits or no onsite work is necessary.
  • 100% Ready to Use. Electronics, furniture, and décor – even wine glasses – are included.
  • Innovative and Smart. All major systems – including security – can be managed remotely.
  • Self-Sustainable. A cloud-based monitoring and central diagnostic system can locate maintenance issues before they manifest.
  • Safe. The 3-D composite polymer frame is safe for hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • Efficient. features record-breaking energy efficiency, up to is 20x more than the average American home.
  • Nice. is really nice!

How can I use can be used as a primary residence, a vacation home, a guest house, studio, or income-producing secondary dwelling – like an Airbnb renail — or as an autonomous hotel unit.

Use cases:

  • your home in a dream location (think mountain-top, ocean-front, remote forest),
  • for dense neighborhoods (as multi-family housing, an ADU, rental unit, guest home, mother-in-law suite, or studio office)
  • for global disaster areas (aid administration, temporary or military housing)

How much will it cost me? is an affordable living option for most budgets. Pricing options and special offers can be found here: Pricing

Can I try out

Yes! Please schedule a visit to our manufacturing facility in Reno, Nevada, by clicking on this link. We are responding to an overwhelming number of requests, so your patience is appreciated. In fact, we are probably taking to your neighbor!

What is the manufacturing and delivery time for is produced in 3-6 weeks, depending on the model and options.

Delivery from our facility in Reno, NV, takes 2-3 weeks (within USA).

The length of permitting depends on local regulations and can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months.

On average, it takes 8 weeks from ordering your home to living in it.

I live outside the US. Can I still buy

Yes! It is possible to ship an assembled to any international seaport. Terms depend on local regulations and logistics, so please contact our sales team for details.

What is R value 80?

R value refers to the insulating power of house walls. An R value of 80 is 6 times warmer than US Department of Energy recommendations for the nothern Unites States and Canada.

How long will last compared to other homes?

While a timber frame and plywood house is typically guaranteed by the manufactuer for 10-40 years, usually when termites and other bugs, moisutre, rot, or mold are not present. is made of a 3-D polymer composite that is innovative, robust, and safe, and it has a at least a 10 times longer lifetime than homes made with traditional building materials.

Does come with a warranty?

Yes! includes the following warranties:

  • Lifetime Warranty: Structural components, including windows and insulation.
  • 5 Year Guarantee: Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, including waterproofing.
  • 2 Year Guarantee: Home appliances and décor, including furniture.

How do I get a permit for

We will guide you through the permitting process, from start to finish. In some cases, you won’t need to do a thing. The length of permitting depends on local regulations and can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months.

Can I customize my unit?

Yes! You can customize the exterior color, appliances, and décor of your (alpha version, coming in 2020) is made of polymers, but is it safe?

Yes! We only use materials and polymers certified in both the US and Germany.

Can be used on Airbnb?

Yes! You can control your house remotely. From your phone or computer, you’ll be able to grant entry for your guests, solve maintenance issues, and more!

How does the ordering process work?

  1. Rent or buy land. (Land must be permitted for residential house, accesory dwelling unit (ADU), mobile house or RV/camper).
  2. Select your model, modulOne (400 sq ft) or modulTwo (800 sq ft).
  3. Register and pay on the pre-order page (opt for a 10% deposit or a discounted unit for full pre-payment).
  4. Our sales team will contact you with permitting and manufacturing details.
  5. Once your home is complete, we will contact you with delivery details and to collect any remaining payment.
  6. Your home is deliverd and installed on your property.
  7. You celebrate with your family and friends!

What is included in the price?

The price for includes factory construction (with materials, fixtures, and finishes) and onsite finish work done by our crew.

Please note a delivery cost does not included in the base price of any unit.

Additional costs include local permitting, site excavation, foundation construction, utility hook-ups, final painting finishes and any other site improvements like decks, landscaping and driveways.

Your local sales team can provide further details. Please note: all such prices are subject to change without notice. Additional charges may apply based upon geographic location, site-specific conditions and applicable state and local sales tax.

What are the additional costs?

We recommend buying some wine bottles for the move-in party!

What is the difference between Alpha и Beta models of

ModulOne and ModulTwo will be available for shipping at two different times. Alpha, the fully equipped version of each is coming in early 2020. For those of you that are early adopters and want to receive your home earlier, you can order Beta, available in Spring 2019 with limited features, but additional perks.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! You can finance your just like you would any other ADU. Many banks offer mobile house loans, however, our banking partners can make borrowing even easier. We also recommend our customers explore financing options with their local banks and other financing businesses.

How much does delivery cost? (in US)

US delivery costs are $3.50-$8.00 per mile. Additional costs are required for very remote locations, when a helicopter is required for transport, for example. (please contact us for more accurate quote)

How do I prepare my site for

This list is not inclusive and also depends on your local or state government regulations — but to give you an idea — you will need:

  1. a zoning permit (we will help)
  2. some additional local permits, in case you plan to hook up your house to the grid, water or city sewage (we will help)
  3. your own or rented land, permitted for ADU or residential or mobile house or RV. (ask our sales team for advice!)
  4. a flat stable surface, covered with gravel or sand
  5. good weather for installation

Will I save money living in


Here’s how you will save money:

  1. The average energy bill for a small house is $2,400-3,600 per year. With autonomous, you will use solar energy only. In most cases, it means no energy bill, ever.
  2. The average maintenance and service cost for a typical house is $2,800-4,200 per year. requires minimal maintenance — just air and water filter replacement and minimal special services, because it has a self-diagnostic system, connected through the internet to 24/7 cloud service.
  3. delivered arrives fully assembled and equpped. In most cases, onsite preparations nor a basement are required. This means a lot of savings, for sure.

You also will save time:

  1. When ordering from our stock, we deliver and install it on your property the next day. Imagine the saved months –even years — when comparing this turnaround to designing, permitting, constructing and equipping a regular house!
  2. How long have you waited for technicians for repair or maintenance? Days, even weeks? Through its self-diagonstic systems, you will be notified and your house will be serviced BEFORE something happens!
  3. requires less permits than a typical single family house. Our team will manage the permitting process for you, saving you tons of time!

Can I sell later?

Yes. is strong enough to be transported many times without damage. is not permanently affixed to the ground and can be removed when you decide. In the near future, we plan to incorporate a lease service by which older models can with replaced by newer ones.

How does solar energy power the house?

It’s not magic — it’s technology! is designed for high energy efficiency and low energy compsumption. Roof integrated solar panels can generate 7kW per hour nominal power. Since the average energy consumption for heating modulOne when outside temperature is 0’F is 0.86kW per hour, you’ll have plenty of power. Energy is also stored in a back-up battery, which can power your house for more than one week.

Does solar energy work in the cold or cloudy weather?

Yes! While cloudy or snowy conditions can decrease solar panel generation 20-30% of nominal power, your solar panels are still generating enough energy to run your house for several days.

What about in really bad weather?

Yes, solar power works even in critical weather conditions, like extended storms or disasters. will switch itself to low energy consumption mode to extend battery life for as long as possible.

How long can run on batteries?

Batteries in are constantly recharging, but two factors affect battery life:

  1. Outside temperature. A fully-charged 16kW battery is enough to power your house for 4 cloudy days at 32’F or for more than one week of cloudy days at 49’F.
  2. Amount of consumption. If all of your appliances and systems run simultaneously, you will drain your battery in one day. Or you can be economical, and use your energy efficiently.

What if the batteries die?

Your batteries will recharge at sunrise. For additional energy support beyond your batteries, we recommended our emergency propane generator.

Can I use traditional hookups for

Yes! can be connected to an electrical grid or generator, any water source, septic or city sewage.

How does plumbing in work?

Autonomous dom. ai has three type of tanks: clear water, grey water, and black water. When the clear water tank is filled from any water source (a well, lake, stream, river or tap), the purification system will render the water potable, 99.9% virus and bacteria free. Light is connected to well or city water.

How does sewage in work?

Automonous has an integrated black water tank and grey water recycling system. These systems must be emptied from time to time. Light sewage in the s managed through the city, because plumbing is hooked up to city water.

How does shower recirculation system work? continuously purifies, recirculates and comfort-corrects your shower water to the ideal temperature and pressure. How does it work?

– smart sensors analyze water 20 times per second, disposing of dirty water
– unwanted particles are removed
– cleaned water is recirculated back up to the showerhead

It is an innovative way to save water and energy for immediate impact without compromising the shower experience. In fact, it might be your best shower yet!

How does air quality control work?

The Smart Air Purification guarantees 99.9% protection from viruses and bacteria and makes air cleaner and more breathable. It features an antibacterial system, HEPA filtration, recuperation, CO2 and humidity control. Air inside will be of higher quality than some outside environments, even.

How do I maintain is designed for easy maintenance. We offer maintenance plans that include a yearly service check and the replacement of air and water filters.

Who performs maintenance?

Once you purchase, we connect you to our dedicated team of local service partners. Because all parts are available via, repairs can often be made quickly and easily.

Is safe? features state-of-the-art security features: composite walls, 6-layer tempered windows, double-paned doors with advanced locking mechanisms, fingerprint and face recognition. Secure from zombies, even!

Is hurricane and earthquake proof?’s polymer composite frame is even stronger than hurrican proof houses made of plywood. For additional support, units can be anchored to the basement or the ground.

With so many windows, is secure?

Our patented windows are 6 layers of tempered glass. They are virtually unbreakable (bullets excluded).

Is safe from fires? is designed to comply to Occupational Safety and Health Act standards or regulations. Refer to Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

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